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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and Repairs

Regardless of the size or industry of your business, whether you’re a large manufacturer or a local restaurant, we can provide professional commercial refrigeration installation, maintenance and repair services.

Premier Refrigeration Solutions in East Anglia and the South East

At Polarcool Refrigeration, we take great pride in providing a professional service to businesses and individuals in East Anglia and the South East of England. We maintain and repair most types of refrigeration units, from commercial fridges and freezers in shops and restaurants, cellar coolers in pubs to cold rooms for distributors, food factories, and laboratories etc to ensure they keep cold and running smoothly.

Why refrigerator maintenance is essential

Regular maintenance of any refrigeration system is essential to ensure they remain operating efficiently and safely, this will reduce running costs and reduce the likelihood of needing to replace your equipment too soon. Having a regular service and maintenance program in place could extend the working life of your equipment by years.

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Prolong your system’s lifespan

Regular maintenance on your refrigeration system will keep it in good working order and prolong its lifespan. When we provide routine maintenance of refrigeration and cold room systems, we check every element including condenser and evaporator coils, fan motors and door seals and most importantly, the refrigerant levels and carry out visual leak checks to ensure they’re working as they should be.

Stacked external air conditioning units

European F-Gas regulation servicing

European F Gas regulations came into legislation in 2007 and means refrigeration systems containing 3kg or more of refrigerant undergo a service at least once a year.

We are registered to carry out F-Gas regulation servicing and will provide all of the documentary evidence to ensure your refrigeration systems are compliant.

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