Raynor Foods Chelmsford

Raynor Foods are producers of quality chilled food products, based in chelmsford Essex.

Our existing clients at Raynor Foods asked us to supply and install a modular walk in freezer, and a large high roofed cold store with forklift access.

The first stage of this build was to place the freezer in the back corner of the building, for this we used a Kingspan modular cold room with a volume of 56mᶾ. This was fitted with a hinged door, with a heated brushed aluminium frame.

The next stage was to build the chiller, working from the freezer so as to integrate it in to the wall of the larger cold store, using Kingspan 100mm PIR sandwich panels.

To maximise the available space and to give the client the biggest chilled area possible, the cold store was built tight to the walls of the warehouse and as high as possible to allow for 3 pallet high storage racking, the overall size being 6.70m x 9.50m x 5.0m high.

A large sliding door to allow forklift access was installed to the front of the room with goal post protection, and an emergency personnel door to the rear allowing access to the fire escape.

The cold store had 2 refrigeration systems installed, each capable of maintaining 75% of the required 26kW cooling duty at +2°c. the freezer required 1 system producing 4.8kW of cooling at -18/20°c.

With all controls and lighting installed the project was finished within the time quoted.

We approached Polarcool Refrigeration several years ago to build our temperature controlled production rooms; we worked closely with them throughout the build and were very pleased with the final results. As such we have used Polarcool Refrigeration on our other cold room projects, and also for our ongoing service requirements, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.
Matthew Raynor Managing Director Raynor Foods Ltd